........Linford Education is proud to announce the availability of the "Your World At a Glance" progressive Social Studies system! 

........All items have been approved by the Utah Office of Education as Recommended Teacher Resources!

........Our products will provide you as a teacher or parent with high quality tools to help your children understand their role in the world! Please browse our site to find sample songs, images, and even an interactive demonstration of our poster layout!

"Your World At a Glance"

..................by Marilyn Linford

The world in which you live in,

seems to start out small.

But, as you take a glance inside,

it isn't small at all.


New CD!...... Things to Know About Your World teaches younger students about the basic building blocks that make up their world. These songs will lay a solid educational foundation.

....New Poster

The “Just a Teacher” poster is a clever poem about the importance of teachers in our lives. It’s a great reminder for students and an inspiration for teachers! Available in large poster sizes or as laminated bookmarks! Click here for more.

Whether it's Music, Books, or Posters, with Linford Education you'll find products for creative learning and creating fun!

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